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Good news can't wait

Don't congratulate me yet, because nothing is definite. But I can't keep my big fingers off the keyboard. I want to share this tentative good news:

Last night, the Madison Arts Commission approved an arts grant for me and FOCCUS. We applied for funding to do a show of my Chernobyl photos this summer. The exhibit will run June-July at the UW Health Sciences Learning Center and July-August at Bethel Lutheran Church.

However, the city council has to approve all the grants before they are definite.

In other news, I have been notified that I am a finalist for a Fulbright fellowship. If I get it, the Fulbright will fund me to go back to Chernobyl for a year, to continue my After the Nukes documentary project.

I expect to have final notice about both grants in May.

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