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Ben and Abha's wedding

Their big fat Gujarati wedding.

I don't shoot a lot of weddings, but I always enjoy it when I do. Abha Thakkar and Ben Schumaker were married at Paradise Park, a lovely wooded site in Cottage Grove, Wis., with a massive crowd of friends and family in attendance.


1,000 travelers

Mike Osborn, traveling from Charleston, SC, to Denver, had just met Soni Haag, traveling from Orlando to Milwaukee, at a bar in the O'Hare airport.

I recently returned from a trip to NYC to meet with photo editors and book publishers. On my way home I started playing with a project I've often imagined but never had time to pursue.

I want to photograph 1,000 travelers. Eventually. Not sure where the project will end up, but it makes for an interesting self-assignment while I'm sitting in airports.

This need not be a solo project. If other photographers want to join me, let me know.

Name: Dan (surname withheld)
Origin: Budapest, Hungary
Destination: Denver, Colorado
Dan was calling his wife just after getting off his international flight.

Name: (names withheld)
Origin: Washington, DC (Dulles)
Destination: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Name: Stuffed Monkey and Ken Soliva
Origin: Zurich, Switzerland
Destination: Madison, Wisconsin

Name: Fred Deiter
Origin: Phoenix, Arizona
Destination: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Name: Thomas Hall
Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Destination: Billings, Montana

Name: Catalina (surname withheld)
Origin: Rome, Italy
Destination: San Antonio, Texas
Thomas and Catalina had not met until I took their picture.

Name: Machaela Brassell and Travis Whitlow
Origin: Brussels, Belgium
Destination: Nashville, Tennessee
Machaela and Travis were returning from a 3 week People to People exchange program.

Name: 1-year-old girl and her father (names withheld)
Origin: Richmond, Virginia
Destination: Austin, Texas

Name: Chris Ly and his son Full Ly, age 11
Origin: Saigon, Vietnam
Destination: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Chris and his two sons had been traveling for 22 hours and had missed their last connecting flight.

Name: Nicole Skovgard
Origin: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Destination: Columbus, Ohio

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