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hands-free, camera-free photography

Things are ending everywhere I turn. Today will be my last day at UW. Monday was my last meeting of the Madison Plan Commission. I shot this self-portrait without a camera, near the end of that meeting. Here's how: while sitting in the meeting, I streamed the city channel broadcast on my laptop, and then while speaking, took a screen capture of the video feed. Kind of fun, actually, since I could control the timing but not the framing. There was a 3-second delay, which is how I managed to catch both my hands in the air.

We leave the US on January 10. Once we get settled I will start posting regularly from Ukraine, assuming I can get a good connection. Have yourself some lovely holidays all!


House for rent

Have you ever tried to take architectural photos of your own house? For me, it made me look at our rooms in a new way, thinking how to compose interesting pictures that also show the layout. Amy rejected the above photo as too artsy.

Often when I photograph a familiar subject, it makes me examine it more closely. Today I again appreciated the gorgeous soft light that fills the house in the afternoons.

We're renting our house in preparation for going abroad, and our departure is coming up awfully quickly. So if you know anyone...

The last photo is from our first summer in the house, back when we still had time to garden.

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