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live on CNN

So, I was on CNN yesterday to talk about my TED book.

I'll be honest, I got nervous, but I think I still managed to sound coherent. (I hope so - you tell me.) I just wish they had told me which camera to look at!


how do you talk about photos on the radio?

True, radio and photography are not two forms of communication that seem most compatible.

Still, I had an interesting interview with A Martinez, host of the NPR show Take Two in southern California. Martinez kept describing my photos and then asking me to tell the story behind it. It worked well, actually.

Here is the radio interview:

And here is the Take Two image gallery they posted so you can see what we're talking about.


the other side of the mike
I have to admit, I am not used to being on the other side of the mike.

Filmmaker Holly Morris interviewed me about my book last week. OK, we interviewed each other. She is making a film about the old women still living in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. TED released her TED talk at the same time as my book.

Today, I'll be describing some specific photos from my book on the NPR show Take Two, on KPCC 89.7 FM in southern California. Not sure exactly when I'll be on air, the show runs 9-11 am Pacific.

Livestream the show here and I'll post a link to listen later.

UPDATE: the broadcast of my interview was delayed due to the tragic shooting at LAX. It will air on Monday.

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