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one man's museum

(that old collage try)

Zebra Dog Studios creates “miniature museums” and other three-dimensional exhibits that blend branding, marketing and history. Founder Mark Schmitz, Zebra Dog's top dog, stands in his office in downtown Madison, which is like a one-man museum filled with decades of graphic design materials he’s collected.
When I was doing this portrait of Mark Schmitz, I knew I wanted the photo to be about his office as much as him. This man's passion is taking small personal histories and reproducing them large. His office speaks volumes about his own history.

I've loved doing photocollages ever since I was introduced to David Hockney's work. But they are so labor-intensive to assemble that I've shot many more than I've ever had time to finish. I recently bought a pan head for my tripod and some specialized stitching software, so maybe you'll see more of them soon.

I shot this for today's Wisconsin State Journal story.

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