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Hi all,

I've been too busy working to post any photos lately.

I'll be traveling in late December and early January. First in Maine with family and then I'll be on assignment in the former Soviet country of Georgia during their Presidential election.

I'll be back in Madison and accepting assignments after Jan 8. You can best reach me by email.

Happy new holiday christmas year merries!


Artists are so fine

Nell and Laine Curtis, UW undergraduate senior dance majors and identical twin sisters. 2002.
I've added a new group of photos to my portfolio: artists and the arts. Dancers, musicians, painters, writers. I love shooting this kind of stuff – it's always fun to work with other creative people.

P.S. A note to the curious: no digital manipulation was used in the above photo. Just a plain, old multiple exposure recorded on a piece of film. (Remember film?)

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