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This is a photo from the annual Friends of Starkweather Creek summer solstice celebration last month in Olbrich Park. The community gathers to listen to live music, admire giant puppets and dance around a towering bonfire. It's always great fun.

Starkweather Creek flows across the east side of Madison. It was once a neglected drainage ditch but we've been working hard to transform it into a community asset. Read more here, or join the discussion here.


Q&A with the NYT

This past week, New York Times photo editor Michele McNally has had an interesting Q&A online, discussing photojournalism and editing. (The above images are from her answer on unusual framing). Have a look at it here.



starry starry night

Hello all,

So I've just started this blog. To begin with, here is a shot I took last night after Rhythm and Booms, Madison's fireworks. My intention was to photograph the fireworks over the state capitol, but I discovered that from my hilltop vantage point (at Dane Co Human Services), the city fireworks were too low and too far left for the 300mm shot I wanted. So I waited, and waited, while the crowds drove home and the neighborhood kids launched their own fireworks, until finally I got the shot I wanted.

Below is the closest I came to the 300mm shot I had envisioned. I've been working on a series of photos of the state capitol building.



why blog?

I am starting this photoblog without a defined plan for it. My goal is to experiment -- I want a place to share photos and ideas that wouldn't otherwise make it to my main MFRphoto website. It's my public doodle pad. Except that, so far, no one is reading it, not even my wife, which gives me great license to post whatever I damn well please.

For 2006, I will post only sporadically. Starting in 2007, I plan to post once per week.


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