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burying the lede

I've been accused of burying the big news in my last post. It is true. I failed to broadly announce my news. So here it is:

I am happy to have received a Fulbright fellowship. I will spend 10 months in Ukraine, photographing around Chernobyl and interviewing Chernobyl survivors. We will leave Madison in late August and I'll be in Kyiv starting mid-September.

You can read more about my After the Nukes project here and see photos from last year here.

seeing the wide wide (very wide) world

360 degree panorama of a waterfront house on Lake Koshkonong.
360 degree panorama of a dining room and kitchen in Madison.

Lately I've been shooting some architectural panoramas such as these. These photos are made from 12 separate wide-angle photos pieced together. I've been shooting panos for a long time, but I've always done them freehand. The images were so laborious to stitch together in Photoshop that I shot more of them than I ever finished. This year I bought a pano head for my tripod from Kaidan including their very cool QuickTilt Leveler, and software which makes the stitching very easy. Look for more panos coming soon.

You can see a virtual tour of the above houses here and here.

These real estate jobs don't pay much but it's good experience -- I plan to shoot a lot more of this type of panorama when I go back to Chernobyl in the fall.



Danielle Berman and Mike Horgan are expecting their first baby in a couple of weeks.
I am totally honored when people invite me into their homes to witness and document a piece of their lives. Sharing this intimacy and trying to capture it visually is one of my favorite parts of being a photographer.

But of course, as a father who watched one pregnancy progress, I can say that I'd be in no rush to spend all day walking around carrying a big old bowling ball in my belly.


After Chernobyl: exhibit and events

Photo Exhibit
June 12 to July 8, 2008
Fireside Gallery, Bethel Lutheran Church
312 Wisconsin Avenue, Madison

Opening Reception
June 22, 10 am to 12 pm
Fireside Gallery, Bethel Lutheran Church
312 Wisconsin Avenue, Madison
Meet the photographer and visiting Ukrainian delegation.

Chernobyl Town Meeting
June 27, 7:30 pm
UW Lowell Hall, 610 Langdon Street
Hear from a panel of Ukrainian experts
working in the contaminated zones.

Photo Exhibit
July 9 to August 6, 2008
UW Health Sciences Learning Center atrium
750 Highland Avenue, Madison

Exhibit Sponsors
FOCCUS, Open World Program,
Madison Arts Commission, CREECA

See more Chernobyl photos.
Read more about the project.

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