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After Fukushima, post 8

Fumiya Sekine, age 6, and his mom Kaori Sekine play with his new pets — a pair of stag beetles. The Sekine family was evacuated from their home in Kawauchi village, 20 miles west of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, due to high radiation levels in the village after the  3.11 earthquake and nuclear plant meltdown. They have lived in a one-room “temporary housing center” apartment in Koriyama city since the complex opened in June 2011.
Today I intended to write about disaster management, but life is unpredictable. A combination of client deadlines, a snow day and having my son Jacob home sick left me no time to write.

Next came the flu and the end of the semester. Come back in June and you’ll find more to read.

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