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Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama speaks to a crowd of 18,400 at the Kohl Center in Madison, Wisconsin.
Tonight I shot the Barack Obama rally in Madison for Isthmus. They put together a nice slideshow of my shots from the event.

A facility manager told me they had 18,400 people in the Kohl Center arena—the most they've ever had for an event (and over capacity!) Plus another 2,000 watching on screens next door.

It's always a treat to watch other photographers work. Reminds me of the hamsters we had in fourth grade. Stick a bunch of creative minds in a cage and see what we do. We run the treadmill and watch each other out of the corners of our eyes to see who has a better angle. I noted three photographers using Leica Rangefinders (Ozier Muhammad for the NYT, Steve Apps for the WSJ and an MATC student.)

Unfortunately, talking to a Per Mar Security guy as I was leaving, I learned that he earned more than I did for the day. I need to find some clients who can pay real money. However, I remind myself, I'm not doing this because I need to eat but because I love it.

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