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Give 'em Hill, 'ary

Senator Hillary Clinton and Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton get a warm welcome from a crowd of several thousand supporters in Madison, Wis.
Tonight I shot the Hillary Clinton rally at Monona Terrace, on the eve of primary elections here. Again, Isthmus posted a lovely slideshow of my photos.

Once again, I was the only photographer at the event to shoot with an off-camera flash. I put a Nikon SB28 on a mini-tripod, climbed a ladder and wedged the light onto a ledge about 20 feet above the floor. Prayed it didn't fall and bonk someone on the head. (It didn't).

The candidates have been criss-crossing the state, followed by a horde of photographers, but now they'll move on and leave us to our blizzards in peace.

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