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oodles of Nudel for the Boston Globe

I was happy to shoot my first assignment for the Boston Globe this month. I spent an evening at the little Nudel restaurant in Lenox, Mass, run by the amazing chef Bjorn Somlo. Second best burrito I've ever had. The story runs in today's paper.

At Nudel restaurant in Lenox, MA, customers can watch chef Bjorn Somlo and cook Andrew Trudeau work in the tiny open galley kitchen. Nudel takes its inspiration from the bounty provided by the local farms in the Berkshires.
“In the summer we buy from local farmers,” says Somlo. “Of course our beets will be better, three hours after harvesting, than someone else’s that have changed temperature three times. I don’t say we’re a farm-to-table [restaurant] because right now we would only be serving mud! But when we can’t buy locally, we buy ethically and sustainably sourced.”
And delicious, I should add.

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