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city snapshots

I'm in New York city this week, meeting with a bunch of interesting people. But in between, I'm finding time to take some snapshots. I am reminded why people get addicted to street photography here. The city offers up an never-ending supply of little personal dramas to witness.

Kendall Maxwell (right) and John Doe flirt during a date at BAU bar in the East Village of New York City. (Doe requested that his real name not be used online).

At 2:48 am, Anna from Harrisburg, PA, is drunk as she rides the 1 train uptown to Penn Station, talking about how she hates New York rats, and New York in general, while her boyfriend Zach tries to sleep it off.

This collage was an experiment, to see how the frames looked pieced together this way. Graphically interesting, but I don't think it tells a story any better than the best frame does by itself.

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