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seeing the wide wide (very wide) world

360 degree panorama of a waterfront house on Lake Koshkonong.
360 degree panorama of a dining room and kitchen in Madison.

Lately I've been shooting some architectural panoramas such as these. These photos are made from 12 separate wide-angle photos pieced together. I've been shooting panos for a long time, but I've always done them freehand. The images were so laborious to stitch together in Photoshop that I shot more of them than I ever finished. This year I bought a pano head for my tripod from Kaidan including their very cool QuickTilt Leveler, and software which makes the stitching very easy. Look for more panos coming soon.

You can see a virtual tour of the above houses here and here.

These real estate jobs don't pay much but it's good experience -- I plan to shoot a lot more of this type of panorama when I go back to Chernobyl in the fall.

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