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rally at the Rada

Supporters of Ukraine's Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich rallied this morning, April 4, outside the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) building in Kyiv. A crowd of perhaps 2,000, including these women from Kirovohrad oblast, waved flags and listened to speeches, while many more lounged in the adjacent park.

Later, the protestors marched down the hill to Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) where a larger rally was held in the afternoon. As it got underway, Jacob and I left to go find diapers and a nap.

The two questions I've been asking: where are all of President Yushchenko's supporters? And will these demonstrations change anything? No one seems to know.

The first stage in resolving the immediate Parliamentary crisis lays with the Constitutional Court, which is not known for its speediness. Within 2 weeks they will decide whether or not to consider the case. But even if or when the court rules, how will the country ease ongoing tensions between Russians and Ukranians?

(For more background information see the next post).

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